It’s Time to Get a Magnetic Screen for Your Patio Door: Here’s Why


There are a lot of ways that a magnet screen for your patio door may be an essential item for your home. Not only is a magnetic screen door convenient, it is also good for temperature control and the safety of children and pets.

If you have a door leading to an outdoor space like a patio, here is why you may benefit the most from a magnetic screen door.

Easy to Install

The easiest excuse to use for not installing a magnetic screen door is that it would be too difficult to install. That is not true! Anyone can quickly install one themselves in an average sized doorway.

Kits are always included with all the materials you need, and the best part is there is no measuring required! With helpful video tutorials, anyone can have a magnetic screen door!

Hands Free

Screen doors with magnets are super effective because when you walk through them, the strong magnets close behind you. It is completely hands free; you don’t have to worry about closing it each time.

When you are having an outdoor gathering, it is inevitable that guests will be walking in and out of your house constantly. So will you! Imagine the ease of walking straight through a magnet screen with a huge platter of barbeque, never having to slow your stride.

An auto-closing magnetic screen means never having to unsafely balance items in one hand that may fall, splash, or burn someone. With hands free, you also won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning off fingerprints or other grime.

Energy Efficient

With the constant changes in climate, utilization of outdoor space isn’t always limited to spring and summer anymore. A lot of homeowners have extended their living spaces into the areas outside all year long.

Hands free access via a magnetic screen door is helpful, but it is also energy efficient. With strong magnets that close behind you every time you walk through, you are keeping the air conditioning or heat inside your home from pouring into the outside. It can also be helpful for shading a doorway area that happens to get a lot of direct sunlight.

Not having to worry about the patio door being open, but remaining accessible, is just one of the other many benefits of a magnetic screen.

Children & Pets

There are a lot of instances where children and pets have injured themselves by running into glass patio doors or pinching their fingers. By using a magnetic screen for your patio door, you can make life safer for the little ones.

Kids enjoy running, and if the weather is perfect, they will be doing a lot of that if you have company or a gathering at home. A screen door with magnets gives kids the ease of going in and out, but under safe conditions. There is no risk of them hurting themselves on glass or sharp edges when running. You won’t have to worry about pinching fingers either!

The same safety feature of a magnetic screen applies to the four-legged kids in the family too. Dogs are usually the pet to injure themselves going in and out of doors. With a screen that they can run or walk through they are at no risk of injury.

A bonus to a magnetic screen for your patio door, you don’t have to get up and down to let the dog outside!

Breathe Easy

There are tons of allergens in the air. If you ever want to enjoy the beauty of fresh air, you are going to get more of those than you bargain for. This can be especially troublesome for anyone with allergies, especially children and the elderly.

A magnetic screen door for your patio can let the fresh air through but block a lot of the pollens and allergens from coming indoors. When the wind picks up and blows all the spores off the flowers – a screen door is going to be a “breath”-saver.

Not only that, the amount of dust and debris a magnetic screen door can keep out of your house is a small miracle. With coverage of the doorway from top to bottom, there is no risk of large amounts of dirt and debris from mixing in with the air inside.

Final Thoughts

It may not seem crucial to have a magnetic screen door installed, but as soon as you do the benefits will be yours. It is an extremely convenient way to get inside and out, especially during parties or gatherings.

Keep the temperature in your home regulated and save money by turning off the AC to let in the cool breeze instead! Most importantly, a magnetic screen door adds safety for your children and pets and helps you all breathe easier.




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