Medical assistant makes dream career a reality

HAMLET – Healthcare and children are two very important things to Kristin Terry. That is why the Purcell Clinic, which specializes in pediatrics, is now home to her budding career as a medical assistant.

A graduate of Richmond Community College’s Medical Assisting program, Terry has been working for the clinic for six years, which has locations in Rockingham and Laurinburg. She is currently the clinical lead, so she plays a major role in making sure the team of nurses and healthcare assistants maintain their standard of excellent care.

Terry is used to working hard and setting high standards for herself. At RichmondCC, she was a member of the National Honor’s Society, and she was always either on the President’s List or the Dean’s List. She graduated in 2007 with the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude.

Terry said she had a lot of support from her teachers at RichmondCC.


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medical students on the Covid frontline

Abbi Bow, a second-year medical student at the University of Bristol, was just 19 when she began working at one of the city’s hospitals on the Covid frontline.

“I realise it is a young age to see and work with people on the edge of life,” she said. “And I do think a lot about the patients I looked after who didn’t make it. I remember their names and faces. I don’t know if that will ever leave me. Sometimes I see a person in the street who looks like a patient that died and it hits you – you’re back there with them.”

But Bow turns this into a positive. “After I become a doctor I will have already been exposed to so much. Learning how to cope with this now will be a benefit in the long term.”

When they worked for their A-levels and dreamed of medical

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