May 22, 2024


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Best Health Care Startups in Denmark in 2022

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Thousands of businesses are created daily, and more are being contemplated. It is a common scenario all over the world. Brand reviews in Demark show that the case isn’t different in Denmark and other Scandinavian regions. The rise of new businesses can be hinged on the country’s availability of low-interest loans.

The health sector in Denmark is vibrant and sees the establishment of new and innovative brands. They aim to provide adequate health products and proffer solutions and easier alternatives for health improvement and sustainability. This article will look at some new healthcare brands in Denmark.


Sumondo is among the unique health companies in Denmark providing novel medical solutions through its eHealth platform. The brand aims to provide smart stress diagnosis and fight chronic stress. The brand comes with an app and provides wearable devices to evaluate and keep track of stress levels and preventive measures.

The app’s sensor measures heartbeats and sends its findings to smart devices for further evaluation. The company was founded in 2015 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


HimFume is a Danish brand that tries to provide health solutions through innovative applications of herbs. The brand forages for organic herbs and plants from various regions, including the Himalayas. These herbs and plants lead to the extraction and production of natural oils, which are carefully packed, stored, and shipped to various locations for sale. The brand began operation in 2016 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

StepUp Health

StepUp Health was established in 2020 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The innovative health company is developing COPD monitoring medical equipment based on artificial intelligence. The company aims to create a device capable of observing parameters concerned with COPD. This will calculate the risks associated with diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

This is seen as a welcome development due to the adverse effects caused by COPD, such as medical emergencies and financial losses in the medical industry.

Yuman ApS

Yuman ApS aims to provide mobile companions to aid nurses and, thus, make their job easier and faster. The company focuses on robotics and medical software development. The brand started in 2022 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It creates efficient robots to assist nurses, such as bringing medicine, laundry, and food to patients within the hospital. This will reduce nurses’ burden and allow them extra time to focus on patients and other duties.

VenomAid Diagnostics

VenomAid Diagnostics only began operation in 2018. The company is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and strives to provide user-friendly and cost-effective toxin diagnostics for evenomings. The company’s equipment includes a test strip that effectively shows the presence of specific toxins in blood samples through color changes. This allows less skilled medical practitioners to diagnose toxins and proffer appropriate solutions effectively.


Good health and well-being are important and achievable as long as individuals and groups with innovative ideas and solutions to pressing health issues find the platform and resources to make their visions come alive. The health sector in countries like Denmark provides necessary factors, and the country has been rewarded with innovative startups. The brands mentioned above are among those toeing that path in the country.