Our 8 Favorite Books in 2021 for Healthy Living

How 50 Inspiring Poems Can Heal and Bring Joy to Your Life
By Dr. Norman Rosenthal

Dr. Rosenthal is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine and is best known for pioneering the use of light therapy for seasonal affective disorder. He also believes that in a year of crisis and unrest, poetry can be a great source of comfort and healing. “Poetry opens up spaces in the mind in which other things can enter, whether it’s about just seeing good in the world or finding someone who understands,” he told me this year. “I prescribe medicines when needed. I prescribe therapy, empathy, exercise and meditation and light in winter. I prescribe a lot of things. And yes, I prescribe poetry as well.”

A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era
By Dr. Jennifer Ashton (with Sarah Toland)

Dr. Ashton, an

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Brits to get free shopping vouchers & cinema tickets if they can prove they’re living healthy

BRITS in this lucky city are set to receive free shopping vouchers and cinema tickets – but only if they can prove they’re living healthily, the Government has said.

Anyone living in Wolverhampton will be able to collect points for exercising and healthy eating after the Government chose the West Midlands city for its new healthy living pilot.

Wolverhampton residents will be able to collect points for exercising and eating healthily


Wolverhampton residents will be able to collect points for exercising and eating healthilyCredit: Alamy

The Government trial aims to assess whether people will lead healthier lives when offered incentives.

They’ll be able to earn points for things like theme park tickets, gym passes and clothes or food vouchers, according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

Residents who take part will be given a fitness tracker linked to an app which will encourage them to increase their step count and eat more fruit and vegetables.

And, if they display

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Kate Hudson shares tips on staying healthy during the holidays

Staying healthy around the holidays can feel like an uphill battle, but Kate Hudson has a few handy tricks up her sleeves to help her stay on track. The actor is a passionate ambassador for WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and describes herself as “a disciplined foodie” who is focused on creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle for herself and others.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, TODAY Food called up Hudson to ask how she stays on track during the most indulgent time of the year and we also got her to dish on some of the Thanksgiving foods she’s most excited to indulge in this year (spoiler alert: gravy and sweet potatoes are on the list!).

Everything in moderation

Life is pretty boring without a little bit of balance, and Hudson said WW helps her live the best of both worlds and stay healthy while also staying true

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Healthy Living for ME recognizes November as National Diabetes Month

Free workshops for prevention and management of diabetes available

During National Diabetes Month, Healthy Living for ME is encouraging Mainers to take advantage of the programs and resources they offer to help people prevent and manage the disease. Over 10 percent of Maine’s population has diabetes and another 8 percent of Maine’s adults are aware they are pre-diabetic. Nationally, over 30 million people have diabetes.

“National Diabetes Month is an opportunity to bring awareness to the prevalence of diabetes as well as to the opportunities available for preventing and managing the disease,” said Jennifer Fortin, training & fidelity manager of Healthy Living for ME. “Our workshops and other resources can help Mainers who have diabetes learn strategies for better management of the disease, as well as help those who are pre-diabetic make lifestyle changes and lower their risk for developing diabetes. We have heard from many participants — including  a

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