Know The Incredible Health Benefits Of Wholesome Walnut Oil

There are a couple of elements that are considered fundamental to cook most types of food, such as salt, and oil. Especially when preparing veggies, snack dishes, curries, etc. When cooking food, we don’t just want it to taste amazing, but also to be healthy

In order to prepare wholesome meals, oil plays a significant role. In Indian households, many use ghee, mustard oil, rice bran oil, etc. While these are healthy and can benefit you in different ways, there is also walnut oil that is packed with amazing nutrient to boost your health in various ways, such as: 

Supports Digestive Tract 

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Supports Digestive Tract

Most of us are in a habit of consuming less homemade foods and more of junks and store-bought foods. This and a couple of different agents can disturb your digestion process. 


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If you want to keep enjoying

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Generation X may live longer but they’ll do so in poorer health than their boomer elders

Generation X may live longer but they'll be doing so in bad health, new research suggests. (Getty Images)
Generation X may live longer but they’ll be doing so in bad health, new research suggests. (Getty Images)

Do you want the good news or the bad news Generation X?

Let’s start with the good. Science has revealed that those in the forties and fifties are likely to live longer.

The bad news is, that you’re likely to be living those extra years in poorer health.

A new study has suggested that Generation X are more likely to suffer more years of bad health than older baby boomers now in their 60s and early 70s.

While you might expect younger generations to be leading healthier lives than their older ancestors, new research has found people in England in their forties and fifties are, on average, in significantly worse physical shape than their elders were at the same age.

The research, which compared generations born between 1945 and 1980, found that

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