Clark County among least healthy counties in Ohio, according to national data

Clark County’s ranking looks at the most recent health data available for factors like adult obesity (37%), low birthweight babies (9%) and flu vaccination rates (48%). But the rankings also consider a range of social factors that drive health like high school completion (89%), severe housing problems (13%) and children living in poverty (21%).

Those figures are then compared to the state and national average to determine a county’s ranking.

Marietta Orlowski, chair of the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences at Wright State University, said it is important to measure social drivers of health because they are important root causes of health outcomes and because things that get measured tend to also get resources.

For example, people can learn at the doctor’s office how to properly manage their asthma.

“But if they’re living in an environment with poor air quality and mold, doing a behavior-oriented intervention isn’t going

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Sixers’ Doc Rivers Isn’t Sure Joel Embiid Will Play as Planned vs. Thunder

In previous seasons, seeing the Philadelphia 76ers allow Joel Embiid to play on the second nights of a back to back was rare. Last year, the team eased up and allowed him to participate in both games every now and then.

This year, the Sixers let Embiid play as long as he felt healthy and up for the challenge. However, the rules changed a bit recently as Embiid is coming off of a notable knee injury. After suffering a bruised knee more than three weeks ago, Embiid was eased back into the Sixers’ lineup.

Last Saturday, the big man checked in for the first time in ten games and was on a minutes restriction. The following night after defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves, Embiid got the night off as the 76ers didn’t want him playing back-to-backs just yet.

The big man appeared on the court for the Sixers during Tuesday’s game

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How To Compromise In Relationships Without Compromising Yourself

compromise yourself

Source: MoMo Productions / Getty

Compromise is one of those words that can either have very positive associations, or very negative ones. It all really depends on what place compromise has held in your life. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a healthy middle ground, but many individuals have to swing too far to one way, or the other, or both, before they get there, and that can leave them with some negative feelings around trade-offs in relationships. Compromising too much can feel like being treated like a doormat, being taken advantage of, being underappreciated, or experiencing the bad end of a one-way relationship. Failure to compromise can mean you’re the one treating someone else like a doormat, underappreciating somebody else, and enjoying a one-way relationship in which all affection and favors go your way.

Compromising in a way that still makes you feel that your needs are met, that

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Healthy Living in Middle Age Really Pays Off in Senior Years | Health News

By Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter


WEDNESDAY, March 31, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Live well, live longer.

New research offers more evidence that the mantra rings true: People who got regular exercise and ate a healthy diet in middle age had a reduced risk of serious health problems as seniors.

“Health care professionals could use these findings to further promote and emphasize to their patients the benefits of a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule to avoid the development of numerous chronic health conditions in the present and in later life,” said study author Vanessa Xanthakis, an assistant professor of medicine and biostatistics in the Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Her team analyzed long-term data from nearly 2,400 Americans in a large ongoing U.S. health study to determine how closely they followed U.S. government dietary guidelines and physical activity guidelines. Physical activity

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