medical students on the Covid frontline

Abbi Bow, a second-year medical student at the University of Bristol, was just 19 when she began working at one of the city’s hospitals on the Covid frontline.

“I realise it is a young age to see and work with people on the edge of life,” she said. “And I do think a lot about the patients I looked after who didn’t make it. I remember their names and faces. I don’t know if that will ever leave me. Sometimes I see a person in the street who looks like a patient that died and it hits you – you’re back there with them.”

But Bow turns this into a positive. “After I become a doctor I will have already been exposed to so much. Learning how to cope with this now will be a benefit in the long term.”

When they worked for their A-levels and dreamed of medical

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County residents resolve for healthier new year | News

Some Schuylkill County residents are looking forward to the new year with resolutions to be healthier and happier in 2021.

Mary Ann Mullen, New Ringgold, said she always resolves to stay in shape and be healthy.

This year, she added that she hopes to be able to move forward past the pandemic.

“No more COVID and a healthy new year,” Mullen said. “I hope everybody moves on in the new year.”

John Vadyak, Schuylkill Haven, said he is happy 2020 is ending, and he hopes next year will be different.

“I want to be more healthy and to be able to get out and about more,” Vadyak said.

For Lacie Hemerly, Pottsville, this year has been difficult, and has shown her that “life’s too short.”

“Just to live life every day,” Hemerly said of her resolution.

Hemerly said despite the challenges of this year, she is optimistic for the

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‘Healthy Washington’ Reopening Phases Announced: What To Know

OLYMPIA, WA — Washington Governor Jay Inslee has announced a new, phased reopening plan which will gradually allow select industries to go back to work.

The plan, called “Healthy Washington,” replaces the older four-phase Safe Start plan. Safe Start was announced early in the pandemic and used for months, but was scrapped in the fall, when a record-breaking surge in transmissions pushed state leaders to cancel the current phases in favor of new, stricter statewide regulations.

Now that Washington has finally begun to see improvement battling the winter surge, leaders say it’s time to consider greater reopenings.

“We’re seeing some signs that disease growth has slowed for COVID-19,” said Dr. Umair Shah, Washington’s new secretary of health. “In fact, it has even leveled off in many communities across the state.”

As the governor noted at his conference Tuesday, it will be a few days at least before any of

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