As demand for dental care skyrockets, Medicaid providers struggle to find an empty chair

The dental clinic buzzed with activity Friday afternoon.

The Augusta Regional Dental Clinic in Fishersville, like many others that serve Medicaid customers across Virginia, has been very busy for months — especially as more and more have learned about the expanded benefits for adults, according to Sophie Parson, director of the clinic.

The need for services is so great, people have called the clinic trying to get an appointment from Louisa County, roughly 60 miles away.

On July 1, Medicaid began covering more dental procedures as a result of Virginia’s decision to expand Medicaid eligibility during former Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration.

“But there is nobody to deliver,” Parson said.

The number of dental providers that accept Medicaid patients has fallen to 1,888 from a peak of 2,031 in 2017, according to data provided by Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.

“It’s getting to the point where people are refusing to

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8 Killer Tips for Effective Internet Research

Whether you are a blogger, podcaster, journalist or anyone in-between, learning how to use the internet for research is essential.

Online research gives credence to your work, augments your knowledge and boosts your chances for business success.

Proper reasearch proves to readers or even listeners that you are not just making stuff up.

So, how do you use the internet properly and effectively for research?


How to Use the Internet for Research


Online research is not mere Googling or casual Web browsing. Anyone can Google, but few can draw the best results from the abundance of material posted online.

If you want to nail your online research, you need to learn some key skills for performing effective internet searches.

Here are eight tips to help you nail your online research each time.


1. Know what kind of research you want to do.


There are two basic types of research you

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10 Best Substitutes for Italian Seasoning

10 Best Substitutes for Italian Seasoning From Your Pantry -

Everybody has an exceptional taste and most loved food to eat. Notwithstanding, not every person needs to get ready food. Planning food is undoubtedly not something essential. You need to make something tasty and has excellent taste.

Spices and flavors are utilized to support the flavor of the food. For instance, in Italy, the place that is known for flavors and spices, there are various sorts of spices utilized for various dinners.

Various brands utilize various mixes of spices. However, they commonly have at minimum a blend of oregano, rosemary, and basil. They’re essential spices for Italian flavoring.

A few brands of Italian flavoring are adding salt, garlic powder, crisp red pieces, sage, or narrow leaves. You can make your blend of dried spices at home with something like three of the spices utilized in the Italian flavoring.

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With nearest dentist 100 miles away, donations critical to bring dental clinic to Tonopah

The Nevada Dental Foundation is seeking donations to aid in furnishing a dentist’s office in Tonopah in order to open this fall.

Construction began on the Tonopah Dental Clinic in late 2021 and the organization has already acquired the larger equipment needed, but donations are still needed to supply the office with small equipment and supplies.

To cover the cost of finishing the project, the Nevada Dental Foundation is aiming for $100,000 in donations.

“We hope to raise these funds with the help of the community, big companies and local businesses who understand that this project will have a direct impact on the health of the Tonopah community and surrounding areas,” Valeria Romero, TDC coordinator, said.

If the donations are secured, the dental office is expected to open in September 2022 and will be located in the Central Nevada Regional Care building at 825 S. Main Street in Tonopah. A

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