July 20, 2024


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12 beauty Christmas gifts your family and friends will thank you for

12 beauty Christmas gifts your family and friends will thank you for

For gadget lovers and make-up trend fanatics – you’ll love these 12 beauty Christmas Gifts Healthista has picked out especially to help you this Xmas 

We are less than a month away from Christmas and if your scrambling around looking for Christmas gifts with no luck, Healthista have found 12 of the top beauty gifts for this year.

Healthista are also putting together a gift guide for healthy Xmas gifts and sexy Xmas gifts – so stay tuned!

You’re bound to find some Christmas gifts inspiration here, or some inspiration to add to your own Christmas Gifts wish list. Good luck!

#1 Dr Sabrina Perfect Eyes, £150

Christmas gifts Dr Sabina

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Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai – the queen of eye rejuvenation – has launched her brightening Eye Serum and protective SPF.

Suitable for all skin types and containing active ingredients, it helps to reduce under eye pigmentation, prevent inflammation and has regenerative anti-ageing benefits.

Dr Sabina, MS, FRCS,Ed is an award-winning Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructing Surgeon, specialising in bespoke eye and face reiteration and rejuvenation.

helps to reduce under eye pigmentation

Dr Sabina has developed the Kiara Molecule that is key ingredient used within this new anti-aging under-eye dark circle corrector and protector duo product.

The Kiara molecule acts by inhibiting the production of the pigmentation-generating enzyme, tyrosinase, combating seven actives that amplify antioxidative and nitrifying action, promoting optimal cell renewal.

#2 The Wanderlash Mascara from Bella, £28

beauty Christmas gifts your family and friends will thank you for bella wanderlash mascara

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A cult luxury product that’s taken three years in the making to perfect, promising a 30 second lash lift!

Using patented brush technology to lift lashes, maximising the dramatic false lash effect, this one is an industry disrupter.

With statistics showing 97 per cent of women having challenges with false lash application and chemical glue ingredients, Wanderlash Mascara was originally created to solve issues women face with false eyelashes.

The best part is the benefits:

  • Vegan, clean focused & cruelty free
  • Free of allergens, alcohol, parabens, silicones, talc, phthalates, fragrance, gluten.
  • Special patented brush technology to LIFT lashes
  • Revolutionary performance- a total false lash effect
  • 5% of all sales support mental health via the Bella Fund (Mind, Barnardo’s, Anxiety UK)
  • Added Hemp Extract (to condition & hydrate), Jojoba (to promote lash growth) & Blackcurrant (to promote thickness effect)
  • Ultimate false lash, glam effect with your comfort and peace in mind.

#3 Lixirskin – Peel Express, £31

Peel Express christmas gifts beautyYour pocket rocket answer to an at-home facial. A resurfacing and rehydration peeling mask all in one treatment.

Full of acids, enzymes and humectants harnessed in a waterless jelly to boost the electrolyte equilibrium, making it super effective in encourages cell turnaround and renew the skin fast.

Wake-up to plump soft skin overnight!

#4 InLight Beauty Face Serum, £365

An exclusive four-week treatment using alchemy and science, designed to support and restore your skin alongside the changing rhythms of the seasons and moon cycles.

face serum beauty christmas gifts

Detoxing, replenishing and nourishing, if you use the oils as your night ritual, you will wake up to plump, super soft, glowing skin and we are talking from experience here.

These serums are a true epitome or organic skincare luxury and feel divine. Designed in small batches, they are extremely potent and powerful.

Every Inlight product features Dr Spiezia’s Bio Lipophilic Matrix®- a blend of organic, super concentrated ,cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured and scientifically proven for their high biochemical affinity to the skin.

The Oils:

  • Week 1 – detox and re-set the skin – Amethyst
  • Week 2 – replenish the skin with antioxidants – Topaz
  • Week 3 –  nourish the skin with super phytonutrients – Tourmaline
  • Week 4 – imparts a lasting glow and radiance – Ruby

The Benefits:

  • Detoxing properties
  • Promotes cell renewal and regeneration
  • Deeply nourishing and naturally brightening
  • Works on an emotional as well as physical level
  • Pro-ageing ingredients
  • Allows for a skin re-set

#5 Skin In Motion Make-up Kit, £82


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Skin In Motion are the UK’s No1 Athleisure skincare & make up brand – sweat proof, breathable and nourishing, for those who love to keep their glam on at the gym.

Plus if you hate wearing make-up that sweats off the skin and gives you pimples or if you’re experiencing the hot flushes of menopause, this is your perfect beauty package.

Boosting your confidence whilst you stay active, this make-up set, containing award winning formulations to help make-up stay put as well as being healthy and enhancing for the skin.

if you’re experiencing the hot flushes of menopause, this is your perfect beauty package

Not only that – the set also includes their NEW bespoke make-up brushes, plus a bag for life gym pouch and hook that fits onto the award winning lip balm so it can’t be lost!

Products included:

  • WORK IT Tinted Moisturiser
  • BLEND IT Concealer:
  • PLUMP IT SPF 30 Lip balm with hook
  • LIFT IT Waterproof Mascara

#6 Fit Action -Total Fit & Lipo Control, £71.50

fit action beauty christmas gifts

Germaine de Capuccini is a Spanish skin brand that offers a powerful duo that will help fight your cellulite and reduce and firm your silhouette by giving you smoother, more toned looking skin.

It’s bi-phase formula, containins the power of infusion oils of Pomegranate, Green Coffee, Fruits of the Forest and Pepper, as well as being formulated with Plant Extracts, Maca, Suaeda Maritima and Forskolin.

These ingredients target fatty fragments with its lipolytic draining action, while reducing fibrosis and improving microcirculation in the area.

Helps to stimulate and regenerate new cells and helps to aid metabolic waste products through lymphatic stimulation.


  • Reduces puffy appearance
  • Leaves you with smooth and supple skin
  • Shapes and refines your figure
  • Toning action
  • Breaks up stubborn accumulations
  • Lipolytic action
  • Draining action
  • Reduces fibrosis and improves microcirculation in the area

#7 Nourish London Argan and Kale Collection, £75

nourish beauty christmas gifts

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If you are looking for an indulgent, organic luxury skincare gift set then this super charged cleansing and firming collection is the one to try.

Packed with detoxifying Kale, organic Moroccan Argan Oil, omega-6 fatty acids and powerful anti-ageing peptides to nourish, firm and protect the skin.

Fantastic value from one of our favourite beautifully formulated brands. Cruelty-free, super clean, that truly makes your skin feel divine.

powerful anti-ageing peptides to nourish, firm and protect the skin

Also another top favourite of ours is their new Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence (100ml), £25.00, which is expertly formulated to optimise the skin’s moisture levels in all climates to prevent dehydration and is packed with a blend of super hydrating of ingredients to nourish the skin. Great for winter skin.

Collection includes:

  • Nourish London Kale 3D Cleanse (100ml)
  • Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator (50ml)
  • Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum (30ml)
  • Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser (50ml)

#8 Palmers Body Oil, £5.99 to £9.99

palmers xmas gifts

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Our skin needs that extra comfort and nourishment in the winter months, and Palmers soothing body oils are sure to nourish and delight.

Our tip is try them on straight after a shower before you dry off, as they soak in even deeper and your skin feels super soft without the greasy feeling.

Replenishing moisture, full of antioxidants and skin loving ingredients – a stunning collection to soothe and comfort your body’s needs; choose from Coconut Hydrate Body Oil, Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Cocoa Butter Soft Moisturiser Body Oil or the Calming Hemp Body Relief Oil.

Palmer’s Body Oils can be found in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Morrisons, Feel Unique and on Amazon.co.uk

#9 Forest Essentials Christmas Gift Boxes, from £42

forest essentials

Ayurvedic organic luxury for him and her – choose from some of the most beautiful gift sets, to the most unique hero products.

This brand is a true pioneer of sensorial plant based skincare, that is rooted in ancient science of Ayurveda.

The products harness and combines ancient beauty rituals with a simplistic, modern aesthetic, using the purest, most potent formulations that make your skin feel amazing from the inside out.

The range is truly stunning with everything on offer from hair, to body products, to all of your skincare essentials.

Experience it first hand by visiting their newly opened store in Covent Garden London, for a full Ayurvedic experience and a complimentary skincare personal customisation consultation.

#10 Magnitone Facial Toning Device, £79 

magnitone beauty christmas gifts

Lift off microcurrent facial toning device is the ultimate, affordable work out for your face – for salon professional results in just five minutes.

Microcurrets of small pain-free pulses of electricity penetrate deep into the skin, working at a cellular level, to enhance blood circulation in and around skin cells and facial muscles.

Keeping your skin looking plump, tight, supple, lifted and youthful.

#11 Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing & Toning Brush, £54

magnitone cleansing brush

This award-winning deep cleansing and toning devise leaves your skin feeling brighter, tighter and more vibrant.

With biomaster antibacterial protection silver ions aND 13,000 3D Vibra-Sonic™ movements per minute, it goes far deeper than any cloth ever could, leaving your pores squeaky clean.

Cleansing and toning your skin from the outside in it’s also waterproof!

#12 The Glow Hub’s new Body Edit, £12

glow hub body edit xmas gifts

We take care of our facial skin with an array of daily products and seem to forget that the skin on our body needs just the same amount of care.

Glow hub have just launched a beautiful complimenting body edit, that caters to all your body cleansing needs, from AHA body scrub, to thirst quenching HA serum, using salicylic acid to beat the bacne and soothe your skin with comforting soufflé body whip.