How To Compromise In Relationships Without Compromising Yourself

compromise yourself

Source: MoMo Productions / Getty

Compromise is one of those words that can either have very positive associations, or very negative ones. It all really depends on what place compromise has held in your life. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a healthy middle ground, but many individuals have to swing too far to one way, or the other, or both, before they get there, and that can leave them with some negative feelings around trade-offs in relationships. Compromising too much can feel like being treated like a doormat, being taken advantage of, being underappreciated, or experiencing the bad end of a one-way relationship. Failure to compromise can mean you’re the one treating someone else like a doormat, underappreciating somebody else, and enjoying a one-way relationship in which all affection and favors go your way.

Compromising in a way that still makes you feel that your needs are met, that

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