June 22, 2024


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4 Benefits of Having Braces That Aren’t Cosmetic!

7 Not-so-obvious Benefits of Dental Braces | Consumer Guide to Dentistry

Many people consider getting braces to improve the cosmetic element of their smile, which is of course a great benefit as we all deserve to smile with confidence, however there is so much more to having braces. There are so many benefits overall that impact not just your oral health, so we are here to introduce them if you are considering getting braces and need that bit more convincing! Whilst these are general benefits, when you have a consultation for braces or invisalign Leamington Spa based, there might be many more on top of these that are specific to you. The months or years that you have braces will be so worth it for the lifetime of these benefits. 

Easier To Brush and Floss, Reducing Decay and Gum Disease

The first big non-cosmetic benefit of having braces is that it makes it much easier to brush and floss your teeth. When your teeth are uneven, plaque, food and sugar are much more likely to get stuck between your teeth and it is harder to remove them. When your teeth are completely straight, it is so much easier to make sure that they get removed in the evening and in the morning when you are brushing and flossing. It is the build up of these things that leads to tooth decay and gum disease, both of which are painful and can be hugely detrimental to the overall health of your teeth. So, having braces for a few months or a year helps to make sure that you can look after your teeth properly, helping you to keep your adult teeth much later into life. 

They Prevent Dental Injuries

If you have teeth that protrude or are more wonky, they are much more prone to dental injuries. One example is that you might find your teeth rub together more when you chew if they are uneven, which in turn causes the enamel to be worn away, which can lead to all sorts of problems like causing tooth decay, chips in the teeth or infection in and around the teeth. When your teeth are in the ideal positioning, you are much less likely to experience any issues like this. 

They Can Correct Speech Issues

Another benefit of having braces is that they can help to correct some speech issues. When you have out of place teeth, it can cause issues with speech, including causing a lisp, which many people feel self-conscious about. Whilst having your teeth straightened won’t resolve this in every case, it is something that works for many people. A consultation with your private dentist will help to confirm whether or not this is a benefit that might be applicable to you. 

They Can Help With Digestion

Last but not least, having braces can actually help with your digestion! This is because the main feature of your teeth is to break down food, and when your teeth aren’t straight, they might not be able to do this as effectively as they should do. So, larger pieces of food will be going into your digestive system, which will be harder to break down, meaning you might not be able to get the full benefits from the food you are eating. Having your teeth straightened can make this process much more efficient, helping your overall health as well as your oral health.