June 25, 2024


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Highly Competent Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in New York

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Every psychologist aims to help others find more peace, happiness, security, and success in life.  One of the most rewarding fields in the industry where this is demonstrated and achieved is cognitive behavioral therapy.

If you want to coach people through their fears, insecurities, failures, traumas, and mental handicaps, CBT can help you do it.  Being a cognitive behavioral therapist entails more than just techniques. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a powerful psychological approach that is continuously improving, refining, and researching new ways of delivering care to those who need it.  It is helping more and more individuals while providing ever-increasing hope.  

Hence, if you are in need of a cognitive behavioral therapist in New York, learn what you should know to get the best one so you can get the most of your CBT sessions.

A CBT Therapist Who is More Than Just Techniques

It is easy to think that cognitive behavioral therapy is a set of techniques because there are certainly a set of core methods being followed in helping people cope and live more effectively through CBT.  According to Cory F. Newman, Ph.D., there are key components of CBT that have been used in CBT treatment research protocols such as:

  • Rational responding or cognitive restructuring
  • Behavioral activation and planning
  • Behavioral experiments
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-monitoring (moods, behaviors, cognitions, physiological responses)
  • Graded tasks
  • Graded exposures to feared experiences and prolonged exposure to trauma memories
  • Relaxation responses (including breathing control)
  • Mindfulness
  • Imagery (guided, reconstructive, and prospective)
  • Communication skills training
  • Social skills training

According to Newman, these are just SOME of the CBT methods that can be used effectively both in the therapist’s office and as part of homework assignments.  However, an indispensable part of a positive and effective intervention is going beyond these techniques.

This means that a highly competent cognitive behavioral therapist should be able to go into the realm of personal qualities, thinking style, interpersonal manner, and skills in listening, understanding, and communicating.  

CBT can thus be delivered most effectively by a highly competent CBT therapist.  What should you look for in a therapist to make sure that you are receiving top-notch CBT care?  Will training, experience, and expertise be enough?  What about board certifications in CBT and a substantial history of treating people and supervising trainees?

Here is a list of suggestions for personal qualities that amplifies the competency of a cognitive behavioral therapist:

    High in empathy and low in defensiveness

A competent CBT specialist is able to tolerate strong emotions in their clients and encourage new coping skills that need to be developed.  Empathy behind the care should be clearly evident.

A good psychologist specializing in CBT knows how to and when to confront clients with disturbing behavior.  If issues have to be met head-on, they are completely benign.  This means that they know how to treat the issue free of malice or ill intent, but with a sincere and clear desire to help make things better.

Maintains healthy interpersonal boundaries

A CBT specialist knows how to maintain professional boundaries while being friendly, attentive, and personable.  Uncomfortable requests are handled in a calm and reassuring manner that shows respect for the other person.  The language used should reflect self-respect and sensitivity to cultural identity and related issues.

Provides hope and inspiration

Every psychologist in the industry who is worthy of respect and accolade is adept in inspiring people to get the best out of themselves.  

Because individuals who will be seeking help feel lethargic, distracted, helpless, and hopeless, a competent CBT therapist knows how to speak in a way that will get your attention, promote hope, and express confidence in you.  

They give positive feedback, reward and reinforce even your smallest and seemingly insignificant positive efforts, add positive energy to the therapeutic dialogue to make you smile and laugh, and are a role model of perseverance in the face of obstacles and adversity.

Sitting With a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in New York

Go beyond the CBT techniques and competency, skill, and knowledge of a CBT psychologist when you are looking for the best psychologist to work with.  Sit with a number of cognitive behavioral therapists in New York  (if you are living in this area) so you will feel and know who can successfully guide you to a better path.