May 27, 2024


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Impact on the Quality of Frozen Meat of using Infrared and Microwave Heating 

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Investigations were done into the impact of thermal treatment employing infrared and microwave fields on freezing of pork loin. To estimate the thawing losses in each case and find the protocol that produced the greatest quality, many infrared and microwave treatment regimens were created and evaluated. Also, evaluations were done on the meat’s level of moisture, cooking loss, texture, color, pH, thiobarbituric acid-reactive compounds (TBARS), and other indications. The findings demonstrate that microwave and infrared pre-dehydration can both lower the amount of pork loin that is lost during thawing; employing microwave energy at a 50 W intensity and 1.92 W/g of wet pork, the minimal loss is only about 1.7%.
All samples’ hardness was likewise decreased by pre-dehydration, and their cohesion, springiness, and resilience were all increased. It is remarkable that color was not harmed by pretreatment. Based on the findings of this study, it is determined that prior to freezing, thermal pretreatment utilizing microwave or infrared fields of the proper strength can produce frozen hog meat of high quality.


Freezing and cooling are important methods for long-term food preservation because low temperatures inhibit microbial growth, slow down enzyme activity, and help retain the original taste and nutritional elements intact. Pork is a highly nutritious food because it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins (Peng et al., 2021), which are meat products that are commonly consumed throughout the world. Due to their susceptibility to microbial degradation under ambient conditions, technologies to improve the curing process and quality of pork are of paramount importance.

Dehydration is commonly used to improve the stability, safety, storage, transportation and consumer convenience of various food products; it reduces the moisture content and water activity to a safe range. It is assumed that dehydration before freezing can also improve the quality of frozen meat products.

We strive to maintain the quality of frozen pork after thawing by pre-dehydrating in the electromagnetic field since it has a positive effect on pre-dehydrating frozen fruits and vegetables. Pork was preheated before freezing to demonstrate the viability of electromagnetic field heating prior to dehydration. To assess the quality of the pork loin as well as the impact of surface humidity and the quantity of dehydration, a new pre-dehydration method was created.

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