May 26, 2024


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Jess Gutkin, Registered Dietitian

Jess Gutkin, Registered Dietitian

Jess Gutkin understands that the path to balanced eating is paved with good intentions. But all of the healthy eating advice in the world won’t help unless it is relevant to you. A session with Jess is a no judgement zone. Food is simple, but nourishing yourself can be complicated.

Jess Gutkin has worked her entire professional life with food in one form or another; including in the restaurant industry and even taking a variety of wine education courses. She is comfortable in the kitchen and wants to share her knowledge and expertise with her clients. Helping her clients find practical solutions to nourishing themselves day to day.

Jess is passionate about supporting her clients in family meal planning, pediatric nutrition, disordered eating (including ARFID) and women’s health concerns. As well as, with women and men who are living with chronic illness.

Since beginning her career as a dietitian, Jess has also given birth to two young daughters. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as she has been able to gain practical experience. And apply the principles of healthy eating and nutrition on a day-to day basis for her family. Jess has first-hand experience as to the power of applying meal planning tips to a busy household. She truly believes in the principle that ultimately “fed is best.” She wants to help her clients discover what that means for themselves and their families.

Jess knows herself to be a life-long learner, with a strong enthusiasm for the science of food and nutrition. She consistently seeks out educational opportunities that expand her areas of knowledge. Many topics which currently include: intuitive eating, body image, menopause, and Canadian Agriculture and our food system.

A perfect day would be spent creating the favourite desserts and bread for her family and friends. All the while enjoying a fine glass of wine.

She believes her love for and passion for healthy eating, makes her an excellent fit for your health journey. Book your appointment today!

How much do appointments cost?

Initial appointments are 80-90 minutes in length and cost $185
Follow-up appointments are 50-60 minutes in length and cost $130

How do I book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian?

To book an appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians or therapists you can:
Phone: 204-515-7466
Email: [email protected]
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