May 27, 2024


Health know-how

Keeping it simple with portion control


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Whether you’re at work or shuffling the kids from one activity to the next, eating healthy on the go doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Certified personal trainer Quincy Sutton of QRUSH FITNESS specializes in fitness nutrition, weight loss, sport performance, and corrective exercise.

He’s back to show us how we can make the best choices on the fly. 

Sutton said the number one thing to keep in mind is you can’t outwork a bad diet even if you spend hours in the gym each week.

When faced with multiple options, Sutton said to keep it simple. The fewer the ingredients, the better.

A healthy option on the go is a turkey sandwich, water over juice, and a fruit bar. Keep in mind calories are like a bank account – you have a limit for the day, and you want to spend that limit on the best choices possible.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is healthy portion size, which is different for everyone. 

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise program.


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