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Simple healthy living: Meat delivery services guide

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Meat is something that a lot of people across the world consume. Beef, poultry, and other kinds of red and white meat are rich sources of nutrition for the human body. All kinds of meat are rich in protein. Protein is a vital nutrient that helps everything from digestion to hair growth. Iron is another nutrient that is found in abundance in meat. Iron deficiency is considered a major problem among people today. Consuming meat can therefore be an effective way to counter this problem. Red meat especially consists of an ample amount of heme iron which has a very high biological value. Vitamin B-12 is a nutrient that is only available from animal sources and plays a vital role in improving digestion and in the production of energy. Research has also shown that a high meat meal is heart-healthy.  And in this fast-paced world where 24 hours fall short, there is nothing better than having meat delivered to our doorsteps. However, there are some aspects that consumers need to look into before choosing an app to help deliver the meat. One of the most important aspects is quality. Look into how the animals were raised and how the meat is sourced. If the quality is good, it is a trustworthy app.

Another thing to look at is the options available. Any app that can deliver a range of meat like turkey, pork, beef, chicken, lamb, bison, and even seafood is better than an app that delivers only one or two kinds of meat. Yet another aspect is to look into whether the apps deliver meat that is cut according to your needs and if they will deliver the quantities you need. Most importantly, look into whether the meats are processed or unprocessed. As a general rule, try buying meat with the fewest ingredients as these are the least processed. Having mentioned all of this, here are some meat delivery apps that meet this criteria checklist of healthy living.

1. Butcherbox

This is one of the best meat delivery apps in present times. It provides shipments every month. The meat is sourced sustainably, and the animals are raised, taking into consideration animal rights and care. The mat is of top-notch quality as the animals raised are free from antibiotics and hormones. ButcherBox also has many options to choose from, including crate-free raised pork, free-range organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood. Another great option is their grass-fed beef. Grass-fed cattle have more amount of omega-3 fats as compared to grain-fed cattle. Also, there are lower bacterial infections and parasites when it comes to grass-fed cattle. This is, therefore, a great meat option to buy. As far as their quantity is concerned, you can choose from 5 box options, including the Custom Box, the Mixed Box, Beef and Chicken Box, Beef and Pork Box, and All Beef Box. Each of these boxes comes in two sizes that enable you to select the box according to your needs. The classic box size is ideal for individuals and small families, while the big box is great for large families and those with extra freezer space. The most popular box among customers is the Mixed box which comes with grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and vegetarian-fed pork. The Custom Box is also a great option as it helps you build your box and gives 20% more meat than the curated options. One of the best aspects of ButcherBox is that it offers free shipping and allows you to cancel anytime. In fact, Butcherbox is so good that according to Carnivore Style, their quality supersedes the subscription fees.  Thus, in terms of health and affordability, this is one of your best options.

2. Porter Road

This is another great option for meat delivery as it was founded by 2 important restaurant chefs. This assures you the delivery of top-quality meat. Porter Road offers a wide selection of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. Out of these, the best-liked are dry-aged ground beef, bone-in rib eyes, and pork bacon. Considering Porter Road consists mostly of a variety of red meat, it is a great option for pregnant women, infants, and old people as they mostly suffer from iron deficiency. The meat is of top quality as the animals are pasture-raised and vegetarian fed. All the meat except lamb ribs is cut fresh. Lamb’s ribs are shipped frozen.  As far as the quantity delivered is concerned the delivery service offers whole briskets, whole chickens and beef roasts. Porter Road offers a monthly delivery of 5 curated boxes, including Best of Porter Road Box, Butcher’s Choice Box, Stay at Home Bundle, Beef and Pork Basics, and Grill Master Box. The most in-demand is the Best of Porter Road Box that consists of a variety of the most popular pasture-raised meats. Boxes are delivered every two to 8 weeks, depending on your choice, with free shipping. One of the best features of this delivery is that anytime you need extra servings, you can always ask for extra cuts.

3. Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s is a family-run business that delivers good quality meat all over the United States. Meat from Rastelli’s is certified free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. They also source seafood options that are either caught wild or raised in the wild. They usually deliver frozen meat but ensure that its flavor and texture are maintained by using a blast freezer and vacuum sealing. This way, the freshness of the meat is ensured for up to a year. They also provide organic meat that is USDA certified. One of the best parts of Rastelli’s delivery service is its customer-friendly website that helps you choose from a wide range of options, including chicken, pork, fish, lamb, and even steak. They deliver boxes as per your needs and wants. They even deliver oven-ready dishes, curated boxes, and organic meats for family dinners and holiday meals. Organic meat goes a long way in helping improve your health. So if you are health conscious or fitness freaks, Rastelli’s organic boxes are a great choice. Their boxes for kids contain favorites like chicken tenders, mac and cheese, spiral hams, and scalloped potatoes. Other options available include steak samplers, seafood samplers, appetizer bundles, mixed samplers, grass-fed ground beef family pack, Black Angus bundle, and the list goes on.

4. Crowd Cow

The best part about this delivery service is their meat source. Crowd Cow does not just source meat from any farm. The owners go to independent ranches to look into how the animals are raised. They also sample meat to decide if the suppliers are worth buying from or not. Customers of Crowd Cow have the option of selecting which farm they want the meat from. This is possibly the greatest advantage as customers can choose farms that breed grass-fed cattle and thus consume less processed and healthier meat. Also, if you are a frequent customer and buy meat regularly from them, you get free shopping and a 5% discount on every order. Crowd Cow also offers desserts, seasonings, sides, and sauces to add to your order. What’s more? They even give out gifts worth meat gift passages.

5. FarmFoods

This is a food delivery that also takes into account not to burn a hole in your pocket. FarmFoods is extremely budget-friendly and offers high-quality meat at affordable prices. The online market includes grass-fed beef, pastured heritage pork, wild-caught seafood, and pasture-raised chicken. The animals raised for meat are taken good care of and are free of hormones and antibiotics. This goes a long way in taking care of your overall health due to avoiding added ingredients. One of the favorites from FarmFood is their premium steak value pack, where you get 10 different steaks for 99 dollars alone, and that too with free shipping. You can also choose the sampler pack that consists of between 8 and 10 pounds of grass-fed steak and ground beef, a whole chicken, cured bacon, and wild-caught salmon. Apart from all these staple meat options, FarmFoods also offers rare options like antelope, ground ostrich, elk, and wild boar.

6. Nebraska Star Beef

This is a food delivery option that has been made available via Amazon Prime. It is one of the top-rated frozen meat delivery options that include premium quality meats from a farm owned by a family in the Midwest. Their slender Angus beef is a popular choice among consumers. The options that you can choose from include roasts, brisket, ground beef, and steak. Their beef patties are also favorites among consumers and are an excellent option for backyard barbecues. This is another great choice for those suffering from iron deficiency and blood issues. The best part of this option is that you can order meat while doing the rest of your grocery shopping on Amazon. Thus, it is easy to use and access.

7. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is one food delivery app that has had a steady and consistent following. They have been in the shipping business for about 50 years, according to Unlike the name goes, this delivery service does not just offer steak. It also offers turkey, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts, sides, wine, and gifts. Thus, protein, iron, and omega 3 fats, you can get them all here in one place. You can also customize the packages to send as gifts. Omaha Steaks offers 12 different cuts that they make available according to your needs. Overall, this is a reliable option if you want to go for a trustworthy meat delivery service.

Story by Timothy Woods, a CCC & GMU Certified professional, and the main man behind Carnivore Style. As the owner, director, and editor of Carnivore Style, he helps people find the best places to buy meat and find the best steak cuts.