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Sydney Dentist Helps Dental Implants Last A Lifetime


Sydney, NSW based Bexley Dental is offering their patients the services of an expert in every type of dental implant, including All On 4 implant dentistry. The expert in question is Dr. Theo Spyrakis, whose vast experience and education in the field allows him to ensure patients enjoy an incredibly high degree of success in their dental procedures. Since a procedure’s outcome is largely determined by the skill of the participating dentist (among other factors), the clinic’s patients are assured a long-lasting implant that can endure for many years.

Patients at Bexley Dental are likely to undergo one of the following procedures: a single dental implant, a bridge-supported implant or All On 4. While these are all suited for specific situations and will be recommended based on a patient’s individual needs, it is important to note that a skilled dentist can make a world of difference in how much use the patient gets out of their new teeth. The materials and tools used in these procedures contribute to the final result as well, but Bexley Dental is pleased to share that their team always uses the best resources available in all their appointments.

Dental implants

Many clinics can offer the same in this regard, but few can boast the capabilities of Dr. Spyrakis, whose studies and career have taken him to train with leading dental surgeons around the world. However, the clinic adds that patients should also learn more about the procedures themselves since this will help them understand what Dr. Spyrakis will be doing during their appointments.

To this end, they explain that dental implants are intended to fully replace the lost tooth (or teeth) in a secure manner. Since the jawbone is naturally stimulated during chewing and so on, this causes the bone to replenish itself with regular use. Unfortunately, this stimulation is lost once the tooth is removed, and dentures and bridges cannot replicate it either. This is why the clinic recommends implants — metallic, screw-shaped cylinders are inserted directly into the jawbone, thereby mimicking the function of a proper root. This serves to prevent bone loss over time and is intended to be a much more permanent option. Patients can also eat, speak, smile, and otherwise use their mouths to behave as they would with natural teeth.

Individual implants are designed to replace one or more teeth on an individual basis. Typically, this procedure is used for patients who have lost one or two neighbouring teeth. Bridge-supported implants may be used if the patient has lost between one to four teeth, and these too prevent atrophy in the jawbone. This is unlike traditional bridges, which require that the teeth adjacent to the gap be altered for crown placement (which involves the removal of healthy tissue). Bridge-supported implants are also much more stable. Patients may be recommended this procedure if they are missing two or more consecutive teeth.

The final option the clinic wishes to educate their community on is the All On 4 dental implant. In this procedure, Dr. Spyrakis can replace a full set of teeth with only four implants, which is where the name comes from. With single implants, patients might otherwise have needed a series of procedures for each individual tooth or bridge, which would be much more expensive and even extend their recovery time by a considerable margin. Thanks to the innovative technique offered by the All On 4 dental implant, a full arch of teeth can be supported by no more than four implants, which are made from titanium metal. Since fewer implants are needed, the procedure is minimally invasive — despite the beautiful results, it is able to produce.

Dr. Spyrakis has ample opportunity to practice his craft, carrying out more than 550 implant procedures every year at Bexley Dental. Having specialised in the field since 2007, he is now recognised as one of the most experienced All On 4 dental implants dentists in the region.

Those concerned about their dental health or who wish to regain their brilliant smile are invited to contact Bexley Dental today to schedule a consultation. Should they be eligible for any type of implant, their dentist will walk them through every option at their disposal and help them make an informed decision.


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