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Our graduate degrees and skilled teaching programs discover each facet of education, from pre-K through college, in school and after college, and across the human lifespan. By partnering with Shadow Health, a cutting-edge simulation provider, Elsevier can now more effectively assist the needs of nursing educators who seek to improve learning outcomes and follow readiness for future well being professionals.

If you’re a new or returning scholar seeking the ultimate word school expertise, you’re in the right place. The lawsuit additionally asks that the court problem a declaratory judgment that MDE failed to watch and supply proper oversight and assets to AAPS and other equally situated districts during the pandemic. Here’s an overview of what’s included within the lawsuit and why mother and father consider their kids have not obtained an enough education through the district, the Washtenaw Intermediate School District and the Michigan Department of Education. In the wake … Read More

It’s time for a gut check on preventing illness: Laurel Hopwood

Guest columnist Laurel Hopwood, RN, BSN, volunteers with Cleveland Ohio Patient Advocates (COPA).

Picture a busy city where people are hustling to get to work. Now imagine this at a level only seen through a microscope. Not thousands, millions or billions of commuters. Rather, trillions of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses doing their jobs.

Known as the microbiome, these miniscule microbes are traveling inside our bodies — primarily in the stomach and intestines.

Some may not consider this a subject for the dinner table. But perhaps it should be. Why?

It’s well documented that a healthy microbiome helps to build a strong immune system and protect us against pathogens. How about a win-win scenario in which people make food choices with the goal of having a healthy microbiome and thus reducing their risk of any illness — including COVID-19?

Probiotic foods contain beneficial live microbiota that can improve one’s microbiome.

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