Group helping community live smart, healthy is making Positively Jax difference

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Talk with members of local families that the Overflow Health Alliance serves and they will tell you that Marcus Harden Givens and the people who work with him are a blessing. In fact, they’ll agree they make a Positively Jax difference.

The Overflow Health Alliance offers a number of services with the goal of empowering the people of this community to live healthier lives. The group was recently featured on River City Live for its Community Market, Making Ends Meet

The group opened a food pantry in the Moncrief area. Members pay a $10 registration fee and once a week they can come shop for free at the community market and have access to healthy food.

The group also helps seniors with health care needs. During the pandemic, they’ve provided COVID testing and vaccinations.

And there are job training programs and financial literacy classes. The Overflow Health

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helping mothers and babies for 30 years

In Florida, we’ve had a special reason to celebrate Mothers’ Day every day for the last 30 years.

Our state’s landmark Healthy Start program, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary later this year, demonstrates Florida’s commitment to ensuring that every baby has a healthy start and chance to succeed in life — no matter where they live or who their parents may be. Florida Healthy Start creates community-level support systems for pregnant moms and babies, services not offered so comprehensively anywhere else.

Every day is the birth day for some 610 Florida babies. Healthy Start creates countless opportunities for new mothers, fathers and their babies to improve the odds for self-sufficiency, and pursue a successful future for their families.

Monica Figueroa King

It’s important to remember that we have the opportunity to measure our state’s success over a time frame of generations, not just years or fiscal quarters. Our most significant accomplishments are

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How This Medical Supplies Company Is Helping Substance Abuse Center In North Carolina Get Back To Work During COVID-19

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Kevin McDonald served as the president and CEO of TROSA (short for Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers) from its inception in the early 90’s until stepping aside from his duties last July due to health concerns. After 26 years, McDonald’s legacy has helped aid in the recovery of hundreds of people faced with substance abuse problems. Based in Durham, North Carolina, TROSA is a licensed treatment facility which helps individuals with substance use disorders become healthy and productive members of their communities, neighborhoods, and families.

Founded in 1994, the organization launched from the Old North Durham Elementary with 30 residents has become one of the premiere outreach programs and facilities throughout North Carolina thanks

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