How Penn State HealthWorks, peer educators provide aid to students throughout pandemic | University Park Campus News

Staying healthy has become more important than ever before at Penn State — both mentally and physically. While they’re not a stranger to campus, the university’s HealthWorks is striving to keep students at their best.

From stress and sleep to nutrition, HealthWorks provides students with a variety of health aid.

Penn State’s HealthWorks is a group of peer educators who are co-led by Katelyn Quick, a clinical dietician for Penn State Health Promotion and Wellness, and Erin Raupers, assistant director for Penn State Health Promotion and Wellness.

Split into two categories with peer educators, Quick focuses on outreach while Raupers takes on one-on-one student appointments. The overall goal for the program is to empower students to engage in healthy behavior and to advocate for a healthy Penn State community.

“I really feel strongly that health and wellness has to do with a holistic, whole-body approach,” Quick said.

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Winners and Losers as Medical Schools Aim to Provide Education ‘Fit for Purpose’

Medical schools are being forced to redesign the way they offer teaching and placements on the hoof to cope with the fast-changing demands of the COVID-19 emergency.

Many 4th and 5th year undergraduate students worry that their COVID frontline placements are leaving them unprepared to deal with the routine cases they expect to see when the pandemic is brought under control.

Medscape UK has been talking to some medical students – who did not want to be named – about learning under lockdown.

One student at Queen’s Medical School, Belfast did not see a single respiratory case during a 5-week placement in paediatrics.

A final year student at St George’s Hospital said: “There is no doubt our education has been affected by COVID, both in terms of reduced placement time over the 12 months and the limited ‘range’ of conditions in hospitals at the moment. This has been particularly true

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