Healthy Living in Middle Age Really Pays Off in Senior Years | Health News

By Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter


WEDNESDAY, March 31, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Live well, live longer.

New research offers more evidence that the mantra rings true: People who got regular exercise and ate a healthy diet in middle age had a reduced risk of serious health problems as seniors.

“Health care professionals could use these findings to further promote and emphasize to their patients the benefits of a healthy diet and a regular exercise schedule to avoid the development of numerous chronic health conditions in the present and in later life,” said study author Vanessa Xanthakis, an assistant professor of medicine and biostatistics in the Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Her team analyzed long-term data from nearly 2,400 Americans in a large ongoing U.S. health study to determine how closely they followed U.S. government dietary guidelines and physical activity guidelines. Physical activity

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Vaccines, AI, Litigation, Recession Made Headlines 10 Years Ago

How much have things changed for the insurance industry in the past decade? Judging by feature headlines from Insurance Journal published in February 2011, many of the issues and themes talked about then are again, or still, on the minds of insurance professionals in February 2021.

It’s not hard to imagine stories today about liability for vaccine makers; an oil spill investigation, litigation over Obamacare; fears surrounding artificial intelligence; lawsuits driving directors and officers insurance; rising M&A legal costs; post-recession insurance buying habits; risks and insurance of the Super Bowl; health costs, obesity and technology affecting workers’ compensation and Warren Buffett raising eyebrows.

Take a step back to February 2011 with these 10 Insurance Journal headlines:

Supreme Court Rules Federal Law Shields Vaccine Makers from Suits

The Supreme Court ruled that federal law shields vaccine makers from product liability lawsuits in state court seeking damages for a child’s injuries or

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