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This easy terrarium setup will keep your leopard gecko healthy and happy

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Yes, there are cat people and there are dog people. But we must not forget about our leopard gecko fam.

These low-maintenance reptiles hail from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iran. But it’s their perky personalities and tiny size that makes them endearing to humans and children. Your leopard gecko doesn’t require a lot of care, but setting up a nurturing terrarium from the start will keep your lizard happy and healthy.

To get started you’ll need a tank and a few climate-controlling items. You’ll want to stick a heat mat in a bottom corner, on the outside of the tank. This will help regulate the gecko’s body temperature. Next, use paper towels, reptile carpet or Eco Earth as terrarium flooring.

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Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Be sure to have a warm hide, a cool hide and a moist hide. The warm and cool sides need to be regulated by two thermometers. Attach a probe thermometer to the carpet area that covers the heat mat and a stick-on thermometer near the cool hide.

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Finally, add a few finishing touches like a water dish to keep your gecko hydrated. If you want to keep cleanup easy, place paper towels in the “bathroom section.” Lastly, include decor to make the leopard gecko feel at home. Things like reptile-safe branches and caves should be suitable.

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Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Leopard geckos are a great pet option for reptile lovers because they don’t have sticky toe pads. That means they can’t climb walls or escape their habitats. Many owners find that leopard geckos are easy to handle (and cuddle) because they can be trained to rest on your shoulders and palms. Best of all, unlike iguanas, leopard geckos can live longer than a decade while never outgrowing their tanks.

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