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Woman scarred and in pain after ‘most traumatic’ root canal treatment at Sengkang dental clinic


Likely to the dentist is almost certainly nobody’s favourite matter to do. But for one female, it was an “absolutely horrid knowledge”.

Stomper Val explained her root canal procedure at Q&M Dental Group’s Sengkang clinic in Compassvale Crescent on May 6 as “the MOST TRAUMATIC dental experience in my life”.

Sharing shots of the treatment’s aftermath, Val mentioned: “As a outcome, I experienced from a burnt and now ulcerated throat, tongue, prime of my mouth and interior aspect of my cheeks, primarily concentrated on the ideal aspect of my mouth.”

Val stated she also has a scar on the right aspect of her deal with beside her mouth.

It all started out when Val woke up with a bad toothache. She designed the earliest probable appointment to see a dentist at the clinic nearest her home, which was at 7pm.

Immediately after purchasing an X-ray scan, the dentist recommended two selections to ease the discomfort, tooth extraction or a root canal.

Val recounted: “She did not right away fill me in on what I could foresee from the two solutions. She just ongoing to stare at me as if I understood those people treatment plans and to make the selection on the location. I was understandably in shock, and was not genuinely sure what is a root canal treatment and what long lasting consequences I ought to assume from ‘killing’ the tooth.”

A root canal course of action gets rid of the smooth centre of the tooth named the pulp, which is produced up of nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels that assistance the tooth grow.

The Stomper alleged that she was explained to by the dentist that there were no other less intrusive alternatives to relieve the suffering.

When the root canal therapy started, Val reported the dentist “couldn’t care considerably less about how considerably pain I was by now in ahead of, and through the procedure”.

In her grievance letter to Q&M, the Stomper explained what happened: “After two jabs of area anaesthetic pictures (probably done without topical anaesthetic utilized as I flinching in reaction to the injection suffering), she proceeded to clean my tooth, disregarding my call for assistance.

“I was kicking my legs, waving my arms, pulling the saliva ejector carefully, flinching my system, and even at 1 point knocking from the hand of an assistant in response to the soreness as she cleaned and in all probability already drilling into my tooth.”

She continued: “That night I was carrying a gown as I just got off operate, but owing to the soreness and me frequently bending and kicking my legs, my costume was all above me.

“Imagine the distressed state I was in. But in no way the moment did the doctor nor her assistants check out to serene me down or to at least request if I am however sensation all right. I wasn’t given a fabric or blanket to include my legs.”

Val then described yet another ordeal as she lay on the dentist chair with her mouth clamped vast open up with a rubber dam and hooks.

She said: “For the duration of the treatment, the disinfectant leaked through the rubber dam and retained inside of my mouth among my throat and my tongue for an extended period of time. I was gagging and tears were being flowing down the aspect of my face in ache. The chemical solution was exceptionally bitter and it was burning my tongue and throat…

“It was only when I squinted my eyes so difficult and experimented with building some noises that the dentist questioned, ‘Why? What is it?’ and moved the ejector to cleanse and suck out the solution from my mouth.”

She reported this resulted in the accidents within her mouth.

“On returning residence, I also realised a deep hook mark outdoors the suitable side of my lips,” she said in the letter. “The scar is unpleasant and I now glance like I have a laceration scar on my mouth.”

She went to another dental clinic three times afterwards to assess her accidents and was told the ulceration would final for at minimum a 7 days.

Aside from the letter, Val also e-mailed Q&M and remaining feedback on its site.

She informed Stomp: “It is to my dismay and disappointment that they do not react to my opinions in a well timed manner.”

Val reported that 6 days after the root canal method, she obtained a contact from a client assistance officer.

She recounted: “I wanted things to move forward and therefore was compelled to checklist down a several requests for her to examine with her administration. I was then explained to that I will listen to again from them on May well 18.”

When she did not listen to from Q&M on Might 18, Val e-mailed the business all over again, “informing them that I will have this publicised must they keep on to address their prospects with a cold shoulder”.

“I then obtained an e-mail reply,” she claimed, “requesting a further two weeks to start an investigation and meanwhile they will do a ‘goodwill’ refund of costs that I currently compensated for my root canal treatment method and for the dentist assessment on my injuries.”

Val replied to Q&M: “The earlier mentioned reimbursement is rightfully a aspect of your provider recovery, which is the bare bare minimum to be executed to ideal your wrongs. It is in no way out of goodwill.”

She acknowledged the reimbursement.

On June 4, Val wrote to Stomp: “It really is been one particular thirty day period immediately after I initial produced my grievance to Q&M. I have not gained any update on the ‘investigation’, no apology from the dentist (just one of my requests), no refund, no phone calls, no payment, and no absolutely nothing from Q&M.

“Though I have recovered from the numerous ulcers in my throat immediately after suffering for a total of 10 days, I am nevertheless remaining with well known scarring on the corner of my lips.”

In response to a Stomp question, Q&M claimed: “We have previously been in lively communication with (the patient) considering the fact that May possibly 5 to provide assistance and facilitate an amicable resolution to this problem.

“We are pretty concerned about the lesion seen as it is an extremely scarce and strange incidence. We have available to ship her for proper evaluation and additional treatment, if required, by the related dental and medical specialists. The evaluation by specialists will also aid us in our current ongoing investigation into this subject and our evaluation of her numerous requests/requires.

“Once we have verified the specialists to go to to (the patient), we will be calling her all over again. She is well informed of all of the over.”

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