LIVE WELL POLK: Live well by eating well | Local

From the start, “Live Well Polk!” has been about helping you live healthy by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones. We know that’s easier said than done, but it’s possible when you know where to start.

Unfortunately, finding that starting point can be overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, someone has a plan, but fad diets and the latest exercise craze won’t get you where you want and need to be for the long haul. You do that with patience and a commitment to making changes you can stick to.

A good place to start is to establish a healthy nutrition plan. We aren’t talking about the kind of diet where you restrict food you eat just to achieve some short-term goal. No, we are talking about a lifelong change that helps you achieve that immediate goal, reach new ones that you hadn’t dared to think about, and best

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