5 Examples Of Great Linkedin Showcase Pages

While Facebook has a bigger user base, the truth that LinkedIn customers are extra keen to do business on the platform than they’d be on Facebook drives this number up. he needs LinkedIn to be the home of all working professional the world over, and be the central hub for every job posting across the estimated 70 million corporations worldwide. As of right now, that quantity works out to round three billion folks. More typically than not, they’re truly scrolling via actively in search of priceless content material to learn. There isn’t the same barrier you should break down like on different social platforms like Facebook. They’re not there to seek out Buzzfeed quizzes, wedding ceremony pictures, or memes.

Moreover, firm content material has a better likelihood of being seen on LinkedIn. According to the company, a status update typically reaches 20 percent of your followers. Engage in groups on … Read More

Atlanta food forest becomes a resource for those in need amid the pandemic

Millions of Americans live in food deserts across the country, places known to be without affordable and healthy food options. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 19 million people in the U.S. are more than 1 mile from the nearest grocery store in urban areas, and more than 10 miles away from a grocery store in a rural area. 

Free food forests are popping up across the country to combat this problem. The largest free food forest in the nation is in an Atlanta community that needs it most.

Browns Mill food forest sits on more than 7 acres of land. Years from now, the land will produce tons of fruits and vegetables for the community.

Celeste Lomax, food forest volunteer and community member, said her community has lacked healthy food for years.

Celeste Lomax describes the 7 acres of land that the Browns Mill Forest sits on. (Source/FNC Jayla Whitfield) 

Celeste Lomax describes the 7 acres of land that the Browns Mill Forest sits

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