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Don’t Confuse Diet Culture With Being Healthy

Don’t Confuse Diet Culture With Being Healthy

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Don’t Confuse Diet Culture , With Being Healthy. As many now focus on new health resolutions for 2022, experts say it’s important to remember that being skinny and being healthy aren’t mutually exclusive. There are several reasons why Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Often the culprit is diet culture, a collective of social expectations. This can be unhealthy and encourage unrealistic goals. Free yourself from the chains of diet culture, and focus on attaining actual health by keeping these things in mind:. BMI. Health professionals have long utilized body mass index to measure overall health. BMI was the creation of 19th-century Belgian statistician Adolph Quetelet.

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The Role of Serological Centrifuge in Clinical Diagnostics

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In laboratories, centrifuges are used to separate fluids or liquids based on density. Centrifuges are frequently used in research and clinical laboratories to isolate cells, organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids.


How a Centrifuge Works

The term “centrifugation” refers to the application of a force that pulls spinning objects outward. It is used to separate suspended particles in a liquid based on particle size and density, rotor speed, and medium viscosity.


Gravitational force causes particles with a higher density than the solvent to sink, while particles with a lower density float to the top of a solution. Centrifugation separates particles in a solution by taking advantage of even minor differences in density.


As the rotor rotates around a central axis, a centrifugal force acts to push particles away from the axis of rotation. The particles will settle if the centrifugal force exceeds theĀ  frictional force created by Read More

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