Part-maid cafe, part-dentist’s office? Akiba Dental Clinic to open in Tokyo

Akihabara is Tokyo’s most otaku-oriented district, loaded with electronics shops, video clip game suppliers, and anime specialty stores. Otaku on their own, though, typically really do not contact the spot “Akihabara,” opting in its place for the abbreviated “Akiba.”

That is one thing that a new dental clinic opening up in the neighborhood appears to be very well mindful of. It’s formally named Akiba Dental Clinic, and that is not the only way in which it’s interesting to otaku tastes.

In listing what sets them aside from other dentists, Akiba Dental Clinic (or Akiba Shika, to use their full-Japanese title) mentions things like their handy location and hrs. They’re just a two-moment walk from the station, and they are open right up until 11 p.m., even on weekends. But the listing also involves:

● Greeting sufferers in Akiba-type sweet uniforms

● You can apply brushing your enamel with your

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