Brewers host free dental clinic for hundreds of kids in Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — There is a substantial demand for pediatric dental treatment in Wisconsin. To assist relieve the load, the Milwaukee Brewers are partnering up to deliver smiles to kids’ faces.

A dental clinic was held at American Relatives Industry Thursday, June 30. A few hundred young ones from The Boys and Girls Club obtained absolutely free dental expert services.

The Brewers Neighborhood Foundation, Delta Dental, and Crew Smile are partnering to make this possible and young ones are receiving additional than just dental screenings and cleanings.

John McCarthy, Executive Director for Workforce Smile, suggests the clinic offered all the accessibility that a regular dental place of work does.

“We also fill cavities and do root canals and extract tooth suitable right here on web page so for the most part what you can do in a dental business we do suitable right here at American Family members

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