July 20, 2024


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Corona Virus VS Diet – Eat Diet Blog

Corona Virus VS Diet – Eat Diet Blog

DSC03970I was in the middle of a 30 day challenge when this whole corona virus thing came down hard and the challenge went out the window. This is my first day off work  in 13 days and my first post since then too. I have not tracked, gone to WW, or stepped on the scale every morning. The only time I have worried about food is when I wondered if we would have enough if we got quarantined. I actually worried more about toliet paper…who can find any of that at the store just now?

Stress eating? Yeah, I got that. Unfortunately, I had started pre-buying goodies for my DSC03974Easter baskets and our family get together this summer…I had to give away 4 packages of peanut brittle last week after I discovered it was the best peanut brittle ever….ever….ever….and I tested several packages just to be sure..sure..sure. So the rest had to leave my house and go, go, go.

This is a unique and terrible global pandemic the likes of which has not been seen in my lifetime. It is scary. It is nerve wracking. And it is mind-blowing to think that people used to live like this ALL THE TIME. Polio, typhoid, diptheria, small pox, malaria…before treatment and vaccines were routine people lived with the threat of communicable disease ALL THE TIME. So while people are talking about this like it is the end times or Armageddon, it is really more like Old Times –  what it used to be like all the time. For our parents, for our grandparents, great-grandparents – and they survived. They endured. They thrived. My dad, who survived polio, is alive and well and hunkered down in Arizona. He is wearing a mask when he goes out and ordering groceries online for pickup. And he prays. He is praying everyday for our family, our friends, and our country.

DSC03976And my mom calls me and says, “I hope you are not worrying about your diet right now.” And she is right, I am not. Because right now, you get a pass. Whatever you are doing right now – stress eating, not eating, picking, cooking 5-course meals with Emeril every day, or tracking religiously because it is the one thing you can control, is okay – for now. We will get back to normal and back to business when this pandemic is over. Until then, be kind to yourself and kind to your neighbors. If you have never prayed before, this would be a good time to start. Be well, and be careful.