June 19, 2024


Health know-how

Mainers invited to join Healthy Living for ME’s March workshops

This March, Healthy Living for ME will be offering workshops focused on helping Mainers who are living with diabetes, other conditions, as well as a workshop focused on helping people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or acquired brain injuries live a healthy lifestyle. Available across the state, with in-person, virtual, and telephonic options, these workshops are provided to the public through Healthy Living for ME’s partnerships with local organizations and health systems.

“We’re grateful for the partnerships that allow us to continue to bring workshops to Mainers. These workshops offer education and guidance for managing conditions and improving health while importantly providing a supportive space for participants,” said Maija Dyke, contract and business manager of Healthy Living for ME. “We invite any Mainer who is interested in joining these workshops to reach out to us for more information or to register.” 

Many of Healthy Living for ME’s workshops are free to the participant, while others have a low cost. For virtual workshops, participants who do not have the necessary technology may be eligible to borrow an iPad from Healthy Living for ME in order to participate.