The 25 Dog Breeds With Longest Life Spans

We may not want to think about it, but all pet parents will have to say goodbye to their cherished dogs one day. And although they are sure to be deeply loved no matter how long they are in your life, some will get to stay longer than others.

Every responsible owner wants the best for their dog, so should do everything in their power to ensure their dog remains healthy and happy into old age. Dogs need a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise and access to veterinary care.

Although every dog is different and their health could be affected by underlying conditions or lifestyles, some breeds are healthier than others and less prone to health conditions that may shorten average life spans.

Below, using data from the American Kennel Club, PetMD and the Dogs Longevity website set up by Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy, Newsweek rounds up which breeds

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Science says eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily can help you live a long and healthy life

What’s the most important component of a nutritious diet? Yes, you guessed it right — fruits and vegetables. You must have heard this several times, and even seen various studies related to it. 

But the big question is: what is the quantity of fruits and vegetables you must eat every single day?

Well, a new research published recently by the American Heart Association in its journal Circulation has revealed it all. They recommend people to consume five servings of fruits and veggies daily, in the form of two fruits and three vegetables, so that you can enjoy its health benefits.

Here’s what fruits and veggies can do your mind and body

Research also found that eating fruits and vegetables, in particular, greatly supports heart and mental health. To clarify this, researchers used data from a total of 28 global studies, including two major data sets from the US.

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Live Your Best JDM Life In An Ultra-Rare 2021 Subaru STI S209

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Only 209 examples were built of the best-performing street-legal Subaru to date.

Whether you enjoy professionally racing or you carve the scenic way home with much-needed added thrills, this limited-edition 2021 Subaru STI S209 is the perfect choice for the above and then some. The STI S209 is the latest model to proudly display the S-Series name, one that has carried on since the S201 that was introduced almost two decades ago. An extremely rare example, just 209 STI S209s were built with this example being No. 153, so getting your hands on one would likely prove to be a difficult task. Considered to be the best-performing street-legal Subaru to date, this ultra-limited 2021 Subaru STI S209 is being offered through Dream Giveaway. Use the promo code SUBARU6 or click here to receive bonus entries!

STI, or Subaru Tecnica International, is a performance

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