LIVE WELL POLK: Live well by eating well | Local

From the start, “Live Well Polk!” has been about helping you live healthy by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones. We know that’s easier said than done, but it’s possible when you know where to start.

Unfortunately, finding that starting point can be overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, someone has a plan, but fad diets and the latest exercise craze won’t get you where you want and need to be for the long haul. You do that with patience and a commitment to making changes you can stick to.

A good place to start is to establish a healthy nutrition plan. We aren’t talking about the kind of diet where you restrict food you eat just to achieve some short-term goal. No, we are talking about a lifelong change that helps you achieve that immediate goal, reach new ones that you hadn’t dared to think about, and best

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Ask Us: Park fitness courses need clear instructions | Local News

Q: Hi, I read recently about proposed updates to Hiniker Park that included outdoor fitness equipment. I live near Highland Park and MSU where there are trails that have this type of equipment and I rarely (to never) see any adults using it, though my children think it’s fun to climb on (and a bit dangerous). I exercise regularly and most of the equipment is so obscure that I would never use it. Has the city considered this as they update parks? It seems the money could be used on trails or other park upgrades that people actually utilize instead. Wondering if this is just trendy?


A: Mankato City Manager Susan Arntz actually addressed that issue when discussing the planned park upgrades at Hiniker Pond Park, although that part of the interview wasn’t included in the stories in The Free Press.

Arntz said it’s crucial that public exercise equipment

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Regional medical staff, 1B patients share their symptoms and emotions after receiving COVID vaccine | Local News

Representatives of Our House Senior Living Assisted Care & Memory Care, Chippewa Falls.

Residents have been waiting a long time for their chance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and (resident) Pete (Dachel) was the first in line, wide awake and ready to go. He took the lead and we all followed.

A statement from Maggie Smith, MCHES, CPSTI, La Crosse County Health Department health educator and COVID-19 public information officer

Although our department is the lead agency in coordinating vaccine distribution, the majority of our staff were not included in Phase 1A or 1B guidelines from the state.

We continue to adhere to the equitable, ethical allocation coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, though we like so many others are eagerly awaiting our turn to receive the vaccine. We ask the community for patience as vaccine rollout continues. The speed of the process is dependent on availability

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Voice of the consumer: Coloradans without health insurance have another chance | Local News

Coloradans without health insurance have another opportunity to get coverage.

Recently, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that reopened enrollment on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. According to the state, Colorado’s exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, will mirror the president’s order and reopen for enrollment, as well.

The enrollment period will be open from Feb. 8 to May 15. The state says health insurance coverage will begin on the first day of the month after a plan is selected.

“This special enrollment period is for people without health insurance and begins a week earlier than the federal exchange,” a news release stated.

The regular open enrollment period in Colorado ended Jan. 15. Nearly 180,000 Coloradans enrolled in 2021 coverage. According to Connect for Health Colorado, that’s about 8% higher than the previous year.

The state said the extra enrollment period will benefit the number of people who are uninsured,

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