June 22, 2024


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We’re Here to Help: How The Olivera Weight Loss Family Can Keep You on Track During the Holidays

We’re Here to Help: How The Olivera Weight Loss Family Can Keep You on Track During the Holidays

Over the last few months, we have been exploring ways to build better dietary habits, a consistent and effective workout routine, how to manage certain holidays, and we’ve mentioned very briefly how we can help. But in order to help our current and future patients to continue putting their trust us, we feel that we should be a bit more direct in showing just how much we can help, especially with the Holiday season in full swing. So, let’s explore our approach, and some of the ways we can help you safely lower your weight and build better habits along the way.

Qualifying Process

This one seems like an odd place to start, doesn’t it? But new patients should know, this is an essential part of the process, because Olivera Weight Loss is not a trendy diet or workout plan, we’re a medical practice. That means we have a duty to make sure that our patients both have a medical need to lose weight and can do so safely in a controlled manner. Some of the things we test for include BMI (Body Mass Index) as well as blood pressure. These can be considered starting points/measuring sticks for tracking progress, but more importantly, we do these to make sure our patients are as safe as possible while they pursue their weight loss goals.

Meal Plans

At Olivera, we take pride in making sure that our patients are not only safe and well cared for by our staff, but also by making sure that are patients are progressing in a safe and sustainable way. Part of that sustainability is a well thought out Meal Plan, which is especially beneficial during the holiday season, as we all know this time of year can be particularly difficult for anyone with less than perfect eating habits. By following one of our Plans, patients can enjoy their holidays to the fullest, without seeing an alarming increase on the scale (Which, to be fair, happens to the best of us this time of year. We’re only human after all!)

Treatment Includes a Prescription for FDA Approved Phentermine

One of the other reasons our patients have to qualify is because at Olivera Weight Loss, patients receive a prescription for phentermine, and FDA Approved appetite suppressant. It has been clinically proven to be safe and effective and helping curb appetite, which can be helpful in both building self-control with food, especially during a time of year when huge meals and seasonal treats are plentiful in both quantity and calories!

Natural Supplements and Vitamins To Help You Out!

At Olivera Weight Loss, we take our patients lifestyles into account. With that in mind, we offer an array of supplements to help you out! Whether our patients need a bit of help boosting their energy or stress management, or have an endocrine imbalance, we can help!

Keep Your Routing Going

Like every other aspect of our practice, we work closely with our patients to find the right plan for them. Naturally, this includes helping you build a workout plan that works for you! A few days of moderate exercise is important for anyone, but during the holiday season, it’s hard to find the will to work out, let alone the time. Even during this extremely busy time of year, it’s important to prioritize your health and fitness. At Olivera Weight Loss, we work with you to help set up a routine that’s both manageable and sustainable.

Too Busy To Come in This Holiday Season? Call Us!

While the first two visits have to be in person at our clinic (safety first!), patients who have completed these have the option of applying for our telehealth program. This combines all of the benefits of our in-office visits, but with the added convenience of saving you the trip. Through this service, patients can get their prescription for Phentermine filled, but more importantly, they speak directly to our Nurse Practitioner, to make sure everything is still going smoothly and safely.

Help from Medical Professionals Goes a Long Way

When all is said and done, weight loss falls under the category of medical science. By seeking the help of trained professionals, you not only have better resources to succeed, but the support structure you need to continue building better habits. Sustaining these habits during the end of year Holidays is essential to keep the momentum going in the new year! The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have over 40 years of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off.