Pros and cons of taking one cup of wine daily

Drinking red wine for heart health? Read this before you toast | American  Heart Association


Wine has been around since man commenced walking on earth. Some wines are known to date back to time immemorial. Wine as we know has continued to change and the process of brewing has improved. With better-brewed wines now, one would only expect the very best. Wine is used for tons of activities whether a cure to the ailing soul or a tool to celebrate a victory or an achievement. Wine, therefore, means different things to different people, to some it’s a symbol of honor, whilst to others it’s a tool for celebrating one’s achievement.

What type of wines is available in the market?

Wines can be classified according to how it is brewed. Some wines are alcoholic while others are not. Whether alcoholic wine or non-alcoholic, there are tons of them in the market. Wines are made from grapes, not the type of grapes found at the grocery store. … Read More