Rebel Wilson says she went on a candida cleanse to stop her sugar cravings. Here’s the reality about candida, sugar, and detoxes.

Rebel Wilson. Dave Benett/Getty
  • Rebel Wilson said on Instagram that she felt that ridding her digestive system of excess yeast helped to reduce sugar cravings.

  • While some people have claimed that candida-yeast buildup can lead to fatigue, cravings, and bloating, there’s no evidence for this.

  • It’s healthy and normal to have bacteria and yeast in your gut. Eating a variety of food and limiting processed foods and sugar can help, but you don’t need to detox, experts say.

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The actress and comedian Rebel Wilson said on an Instagram Live broadcast last week that part of her Mayr Method weight-loss diet involved a detox to reduce a “pesky” yeast in her digestive system.

“I had a lot of what’s called candida in my gut, which loves the sugar, makes me crave the sugar. And I had a lot of that, so I had to

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