SEC Suspends CoronaVirus Stock Pump-n-Dump Scammers

Last month we shared information on the blog about spam-driven affiliate programs who were selling a variety of shady “anti-Coronavirus” products, including immunity oils, masks, disinfectants, and no-touch thermometers. (See: CAUCE Spamfighters Rally Against Corona Health Fraud Affiliate programs ).  Today I wanted to share an update regarding another type of spam and the SEC’s actions related to stock market symbols being manipulated through “pump-n-dump” scams.

Over the past several weeks, the SEC announced the suspension of trading of several stock symbols due to illegal attempts to manipulate the value of those stocks, often by driving the stock value up (“pumping”) by making untrue claims about how the company was involved in helping fight the Coronavirus, Covid19.  We’ll just dive into two of the most recent ones here.

Turbo Global Partners, Inc (“TRBO”)

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