Bears hope Justin Fields’ sliding ability will keep him healthy

Hoge: Fine line between dazzle and danger for Justin Fields originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

LAKE FOREST — Justin Fields threw – err, shoveled – an interception, and yet, by the time the whistle had blown, he still managed to impress.

The interception was somewhat understandable, even if it would have been disastrous in a game. The Bears were in live goal line drills Friday and ran the ol’ shovel pass that Matt Nagy has used many times since he arrived in Chicago in 2018.

You’ve seen it. Roquan Smith has seen it.

“Yeah, so Ro made a good play. He just shot up the middle, came unblocked up the middle. It was a little shovel pass,” Nagy said Saturday. “There’s not much Justin, you know, that’s a hard one, a shovel pass and expect a guy to shoot up the gap like that. Then Roquan to catch it,

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