Is Living-Donor Liver Surgery Right for Me?

With most liver transplants, the person who needs a new liver gets it from someone who’s deceased. Living-donor liver donations come from someone who’s still alive, like a family member or friend.

The donor gives you a piece of their healthy liver, which replaces your damaged one. The donor’s liver and the recipient’s liver both grow to a normal size within a few months.

Benefits of Living-Donor Liver Donation

Shorter wait. More than 14,000 people are on the national wait list for a liver transplant, and there aren’t enough organs for everyone. If you choose a living-donor liver donation, it may cut down your wait time. This can be lifesaving if your liver is getting worse or you have other health conditions. It also helps the next person on the list.

Faster, easier recovery. You may have a shorter stay in the hospital. You’re also less likely to need a

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