Group helping community live smart, healthy is making Positively Jax difference

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Talk with members of local families that the Overflow Health Alliance serves and they will tell you that Marcus Harden Givens and the people who work with him are a blessing. In fact, they’ll agree they make a Positively Jax difference.

The Overflow Health Alliance offers a number of services with the goal of empowering the people of this community to live healthier lives. The group was recently featured on River City Live for its Community Market, Making Ends Meet

The group opened a food pantry in the Moncrief area. Members pay a $10 registration fee and once a week they can come shop for free at the community market and have access to healthy food.

The group also helps seniors with health care needs. During the pandemic, they’ve provided COVID testing and vaccinations.

And there are job training programs and financial literacy classes. The Overflow Health

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