Injuries mount along with Clemson’s lead on UConn

It went almost unnoticed last week, but with its victory against Louisville, Clemson became bowl-eligible for the 16th consecutive season. The Tiger have won 10 or more games for 10 consecutive seasons, so getting the six wins needed to receive a bowl berth isn’t a fist-pumping achievement.

UConn (1-8) isn’t expected to offer Clemson (6-3) much of a challenge. But the Huskies do offer the Tigers an opportunity.

Clemson will not receive an invitation into the College Football Playoffs for the first time since 2014, and it faces a daunting uphill climb to return to the ACC Championship Game.

What’s left for the Tigers is to earn a berth in the best bowl possible. Prestige and location are key words there. Clemson’s reputation as one of the top programs of the past decade will help, but so will putting together impressive wins. Those have been difficult for Clemson to

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How to reduce the risk of a fracture?

10 Ways to Reduce Bone Fracture Risk

A fracture is a breakage of the bones, and its usual cause is trauma such as an accident or fall. Anyone can get a fracture though it’s more common in people who are old, have bone disease, or people who play sports. Healing from a fracture takes time, and they can make you immobile till you heal as well, depending on where the fracture is. If you’ve ever suffered from a fracture, you must know how the pain and long recovery time can make you wish you could prevent it.

6 Simple ways to prevent fractures

  1. Increase calcium & Vitamin D intake

Calcium is the best nutrition for your bones. Additionally, Vitamin D is equally important as it helps your body absorb calcium and promotes bone health. Meeting the daily requirements for both of them can not only help keep your bones strong but also prevent bone diseases, such as … Read More