Nerve Problems and Concussions Related To Pupils and Eyes

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A sudden blow to the head may lead to one or both of your pupils dilating in a serious brain injury. Anisocoria, Coloboma, Pituitary gland tumor, Third cranial nerve palsy, brain injury, Cluster headache, Iritis, Adie syndrome, Horner’s syndrome affect the pupils.

Concussions and dilated pupils:

Pupils of unequal sizes or dilated pupils indicate that a person is impacted by a terrible concussion or a more austere form of TBI than a concussion.

Concussion may give rise to temporary or permanent vision-related symptoms. Some critical injuries may cause permanent damage to the optic nerve. This is a result of a communication problem between the eyes and brain resulting from the injury. Often doctors perform a swinging light test to find out pupil reactivity.

Pupillary evaluation is a noninvasive and rapid test that offers an indication of the nervous system and eye health. An injury of the upper brain stem … Read More

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