El Pollo Loco Launches a Backyard Drone Delivery Program

El Pollo Loco says it will become the first national restaurant company to experiment with door-to-backyard drone delivery.

On June 24, the Costa Mesa-based restaurant chain, known for its fire-roasted chicken, will test “Air Loco,” its drone delivery from restaurant kitchens to customers’ backyards.

As more and more people ordered delivery during the pandemic, restaurants are looking for alternative cheaper and more efficient ways to bring food to customers’ homes. In 2016, Amazon was one of the first companies to discuss using autonomous aerial vehicles to deliver packages to customers’ doorsteps in 30 minutes or less. But Amazon Prime Air has yet to get off the ground and into widespread use.

With the Federal Aviation Administration recently approving rules for delivery services to people’s homes, it is expected more and more drones will be taking to the skies to make restaurant and other types of deliveries.

For El Pollo Loco,

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HSE’s dental clinic closed due to insufficient staff

THE HSE’s dental clinic in Millbrook Lawns is currently closed due to insufficient staff, with only 2.5 general dental surgeons working across the Dublin South West area.

The HSE Dental Service provides urgent care, the school dental programme and care to patients with special needs.

In Dublin South West, these services are provided across HSE clinics in Millbrook Lawns, Mary Mercer in Jobstown and Old County Road, Crumlin.

However, local services are being impacted on by a reduction in the number of dentists working across the three Dublin South West sites, which currently stands at 2.5 whole time equivalent general dental surgeons.

A HSE spokesperson said: “Currently the HSE Dental Service in Dublin South West has 2.5 whole time equivalent general dental surgeons working in the service.

“One other dentist is on leave and there are 3.0 whole time equivalent vacancies awaiting filling in the current ongoing recruitment campaign.”


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