Westinghouse Dental, a Local-Based Dentist, is Offering Diverse, Patient-Centered Dental Services in Georgetown, TX


Georgetown, TX Westinghouse Dental is offering a variety of dental services that focus on patients’ comfort and wellbeing in Georgetown. The dental clinic’s services include restorative, periodontal, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry. The dentist uses a patient-centered approach that focuses on individual health needs and the achievement of the desired unique health outcomes. Their restorative services treat decayed, damaged, or painful teeth using composite fillings, dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures, among others.

Westinghouse Dental preventive services prevent dental problems through regular teeth cleaning, exams, fluoride treatment, sealants, night guard, and oral cancer screening, among others. The Georgetown dentist offers periodontal services that deal with gum disease symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The clinic helps patients improve their smile and appearance through cosmetic procedures like veneers, tooth-colored filling, porcelain white crowns, teeth whitening, and dental bonding.

Westinghouse Dental has licensed and experienced dentists and other dental professionals who provide services

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