Papaya’z serving up healthy menu | Business

“Eat Healthy, Live Well” is the motto and mantra of one of the newest restaurants here in Fountain Hills, Papaya’z Crepe and Juice bar.

Papaya’z is owned and operated by Karen Mena Sanchez, a Fountain Hills resident who previously worked as a financial advisor for 20 years.

Tired of banking and wishing to spend more time with her family, Sanchez decided to follow her dreams and open the first Papaya’z in Fountain Hills.

Like their motto suggests the Papaya’z menu is focused on providing healthy options.

“I have been vegan for many years, so I wanted to try and bring to Fountain Hills a place with fresh ingredients along with vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options,” Sanchez said. “We have new ingredients brought in every two days to keep it fresh. I think the world is going through so many changes and I truly believe we are how we eat.”

As focused

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