“Leftover” COVID Vaccines Offered To Non-Priority Groups

Young, healthy people in the United Kingdom have reported receiving “leftover” doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine due to no-show appointments, while IT loopholes have offered others a chance to jump the priority queue.

One woman tells Newsweek she was offered an injection at a mass vaccination center in England after taking her 80-year-old mother to get her vaccine. As temperatures plunged on Sunday, much of the U.K. was covered in snow. It suddenly became clear to vaccine center workers that doses would be unused and wasted due to a large number of patients who are elderly or vulnerable being unable to make it in the treacherous conditions.

The center, in southern England, was administering doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, which has a shelf life of just a few hours after it is removed from ultra-cold conditions. Pfizer is shipping its vaccines in special containers packed in dry ice to

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