Translating What We Know into What We Do

Dr. Basen-Engquist’s research focuses on cancer survivors and high-risk individuals and investigates the role of health behavior interventions in improving physical functioning, optimizing quality of life, and reducing risk of cancer, cancer recurrence, and other chronic diseases. In addition, she studies intervention methods for behavior change with a focus on distance-based and mHealth interventions and factors related to implemention of behavioral interventions in clinical and community settings. She currently is the co-chair of LIVES, a national trial of a diet and physical activity intervention for ovarian cancer survivors and has been a multiple PI and a co-investigator on grants to study the use of wearable and home-based sensors in cancer prevention and survivorship research. Her research on the benefits of physical activity for cancer survivors has been translated into a community program to increase physical activity among minority and medically underserved cancer survivors in Houston, Beaumont, Tyler, and El Paso,

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