Things to know about Femto-LASIK!

Femto LASIK: What to Expect, Recovery, and More

The eye-related issues can be bothersome, and after reaching a certain age, individuals can opt and become aware of techniques to improve their eyesight. To know the suitable option, one should visit the best eye specialist in Lahore.

What is Femto-LASIK?

Femto-LASIK is an eye surgery method employed for reshaping the cornea. The surgery aims to improve vision. The technique involves using a blade or laser to create a flap, and then the cornea is modified. The healing of the cornea takes place on its own, in days.

What is the main procedure for Femto-LASIK?

 The Femto-LASIK procedure involves:

  • The patient is given drops for numbing, so he doesn’t feel any pain during the process.
  • Femto-laser is used to cut a flap in the epithelium. It allows to move the flap and reshape other layers.
  • Next, the excimer laser is used to fix any minor issues related to the
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